Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Credible Roulette System: Theory of RNG limits.

MMM Network for the first time released several months ago a roulette tool called “Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio”. The idea is of this roulette tool is that it can generate any type of roulette systems based on red/black betting and custom progression. After a lot of tests most of the players decided for him self that the best roulette system will be the roulette system that will use slow palettes.

In our case one palette mean one roulette system.

Our database consists in more then 1200 roulette systems where 30% of them are based on slow palettes.

So slow palette is a roulette system where every step depending on several events based on special sequences like some sequences that consist from consecutive black’s and red’s. So RBS allow building any type of such sequences based on custom length and format.

During several months our members tested this principle and the longest red/black consecutive sequence was based on 17 consecutive black’s.

Also we had a project one year ago called R2 which goal was to analyze Playtech RNG’s.

During this project the biggest recorded sequence based on black/red was based on 23 colors.

Even now this topic is still opened and we always are ready for any type of results based on this subject just to approve or disapprove this theory. Finally this is not a theory but a fact because every RNG based on 32 bits can have no more then 32 consecutive red’s or black’s colors.

Also we know that the case of 32 consecutive red’s or black’s are the ideal case which always will be different from the real situation.

My advice when using RBS will be always to use this principle that brings to the player a big advantage while playing.

Please point attention to the fact that RBS is not a roulette system but a roulette tool that was built to generate not one but a lot of roulette systems based on red/black betting with custom progression.

This software has real time roulette system modification module also real time variables watch that show to the player the status of the game.

Using of RBS is not a complex process but it is not for the players who think it can be started in several minutes.

But you should try it because this is your single chance to get something that will work for you and something that you will be able to control.

Our roulette systems database that consist from more then 1200 roulette systems will help you to start using RBS and finally to build your own roulette system based on your ideas.

This software is property of Money Maker Machine Network which goal is to develop roulette tools for its customers.

My advice is to join our forum where you will find a lot of tips, solutions and advices related to how to use better “Red and Black Roulette Systems Studio” or simply RBS roulette tool.

Until now slow palettes proved to us it reliability and Pablo- member of MMM Network who proposed for the first time to us this principle didn’t reported any lost game while using such type of palettes.

If you are not sure how to make you own slow palette then the solution is to join our MMM Community Forum and to talk with our members related to this subject.

If you have any other ideas related to this subject but your betting strategies is based on the other roulette elements different from red and black then our community can provide you with other roulette tool that will allow you to make any possible type of roulette systems based on all roulette elements that will include betting on: numbers, red/black, high/low, odd/even, split bets, street bets, corner bets, line bets, four bet, columns, dozens also combined elements and finally to not forget about your custom progression model.

Our roulette tools represent an auto play software that will follow the commands from the script in case of RSS software or palette settings in case of RBS software and always will do all is coded into your own roulette system.

MMM Network is a team of programmers that can code your own roulette system based on your own ideas.

If you have any questions at all contact: www. and we will always reply to every email we receive.

For more information visit the official Money Maker Machine Resellers website at:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Be under no illusion that this software is not a cash machine - if you approach it with the attitude that its going to make your millions then Im afraid you will be disappointed.

The software has the capibilities to generate profit but it is a tool , how well that tool performs depends on the person using it.

The betting sequences MMMX uses are create by its users and each member must be prepared to fine tune and perfect a palette or sequence to their balance and needs.

From my own experience MMMX has made profit, its customer service is second to none and the growing group of members will help any new users in any way they can."

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The software is solid.

The designs as to how it will run, well that is up to you.

Alternatively you can try any of the publicly available pallettes.

In fact you are encouraged to try these out.

We are all trying to find the best way of winning.

Nothing is guaranteed, after all this is Roulette, but it certainly helps to tip the odds in your favour."

"An ingenious piece of software, that you are in control of each and every spin of the Roulette Wheel.

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This is definitely the place to be creative and to share your thoughts and ideas with a fast growing Roulette Lovers Community.

And for the Support I have only one Word left.......WORLDCLASS."

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