Thursday, September 4, 2008

MMM Review

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MMM from $180 to $611

Well, I wasn't sure if this thing would work.

But I had some money, so, why not give it a go.

Still don't fully understand the software.

But hey, made a profit.

And that is the main thing.

I can video the next session.

So if anyone is interested, in seeing a live game.

Let me know.

Still not sure how to increase the speed of the thing.

But that don't matter.

Look out for more hints and tips from me.

As I get use to using this tool.

When I first looked at this software, I used it to play for fun.

Just to see if it did work. And how it worked.

Then my time ran out. As in the demo mode was over.

So I didn't look at it for a few weeks after that.

Then I reinstalled my PC.

And reinstalled the mmm tool.

Didn't pay for it at the time.

However, I downloaded the Casino software.

Put in about $100 and tried it out.

Made $140 and took the money out.

Just recently I came into some cash.

And had a few extra $$$ to spare.

So I purchased the software.

And put in $180 into Online Casino.

That the one that you are given when you don't purchase the software.

I had set up an account there.

I will be posting more on that, and other stuff as I get more money.

Anyway. I am playing for real.

Not collecting any numbers.

Just playing.

Look out for some tips from me in the very near future.

And a Video that I will posting of me playing with real cash.

So lots of stuff to look forward to from me.

Tom's MMM ideas and suggestions.

This post will be rather long.

So if your up for it. Continue.

Ok, Purchased the full version of MMM.

Now for some tips and ideas.

Things you need.

Credit card.

It is easy to put money into a online Casino.

Not so easy getting it out.

So be sure you read the fine print. (If you can find it.)

And give them a call.

In order for you to make a with draw.

You need to have ready a current Drivers License.

Or a passport, a utility bill.

And a scanned copy of your original credit card. (Front and back)

Plus a scanned copy or a current utility bill, or any other document.

Put these into a .pdf for future transactions.

Or keep them some where on you pc for uploading to the casino in an

email when they ask for that info.


No matter how tempting it is.


So just keep you deposits under the radar, so to speak.

Why? you may ask?

Well, do you want the ability to withdraw your money or not?

You see if you deposit something like $200 into a online casino.

You will be eligible for getting the 200% or 300% extra bonus added into your account.

If you use this money. You have to wager some 22x your original amount. Sometimes much more.

In order for you to qualify to get paid out.

And many online casino do not allow you to do this with Roulette. Or Craps, or Blackjack.

I know that the minimum suggested by MMM is $255

But I managed with $180.

So depending on your tolerance level.

Some of these suggestion may come in handy.

"It is a lot easier to make $1 then it is to make $20"

So, you may just want to start with that in mind.

Your first target. Should always be to double your initial investment.

Plus a little more. Then take out your original deposit money from the online casino.

That way you are playing with the casinos money. And not yours.

So it wont matter if you win or lose.

You have your money safe and sound.

And DO NOT be tempted to play on any online Casino, until such time as you have received

the money into your bank Account. You see they have this neat trick.

If you ask for a withdraw from the cashier. It can take some 24 hrs to process.

Some may even take up to 3 or 5 days.

And them (The Casinos) know human nature very well.

Why do you think they make the money they do.

Remember the golden rule.

"The house always, wins."

So if you have a withdraw request waiting.

And you decide to play again.

You may be tempted to cancel your original request.

And have the funds sitting there in your casino account.

Ready to use. Instead of where you meant the money to go to.

And that is your own bank balance.

I am playing with real money here.

Also I suggested that once you have reached a set target.

And made a with draw request of your own or original deposit.

You will then be playing with the casinos money and not yours.

So far I have made with the MMM tool.

I started with $100 and made $140

That is a $40 profit of real money that went into my bank account.

I have proof of this if you want it.

Then I did another spend of $180

And turned that into $615 in one day with MMM.

Waiting for that to be processed.

Should be in my account soon.

Will post any scans of documents for those that want proof.

Plus will be posting a live recorded session of me playing with real money.

I will do this when my bank account has got the money from the withdraw request.

Keep you posted.

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